What is Grapevine?

Our Vision
Provide teachers a tool to confidently teach Godís Word to their students while introducing them to the Gospel. We believe all students can understand the Bible and respond to the Gospel. Our desire is to see all students learn the process of Bible study in order to become confident and skilled in studying Godís Word on their own.

The Method
Young students learn the major characters and events through hearing the Bible, stick figuring the passage, and answering questions about lessons. The method for young children is Hear-Draw-Review.

Once students reach first grade we introduce them to the timeline of biblical characters and events. The first lesson in these studies are the timeline, then each subsequent lesson relates to a character or event on the timeline. The method for older students is Read-Draw-Review. With each progressive age, we attempt to introduce students to more Scripture, basic Bible geography, and how to use Bible study skills such as a Bible dictionary.

The Biblical Puzzle
Grapevine Studies teaches the Bible as if it were a puzzle, starting with the frame and moving in. Once the framework (timeline) is in place then individual pieces (characters and events) are much easier to place and understand within the context of the "whole picture" (the whole counsel of the Word of God).