Beginner Birth of Jesus Student Family License eBook

Beginner Birth of Jesus Student Family License eBook

Preschool and kindergarten Bible students will saddle up their donkeys and travel back in time to study the events that surrounded the Nativity.
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5-7 year olds will saddle up their donkeys and take  on an unforgettable journey back in time to discover the amazing events that surrounded the birth of Jesus. Your travels will begin with the angel's announcement to Mary and continue through the return of Jesus, Mary and Joseph from Egypt to Nazareth. This hands-on study uses interactive lessons that 5-7 year olds love. Teachers will appreciate this unique way of teaching the Nativity. This familiar account will never be the same for your students after they have stick figured it! 

7 Weekly Lessons or 14 Daily Lessons

Student Book: The Beginner student book contains: lesson pages, memory verses, and reviews. 26 pages.

Student Supply List: Bible, Grapevine Studies student book, and colored pencils.

Family License: Limited to use by your immediate family.

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