Resurrection Traceable

Resurrection Traceable

The resurrection of Jesus will come alive for your students as they stick figure the events from the Last Supper to the Ascension of Jesus. Great for ages 3 to 5!
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Traceable: Allow younger students to trace the stick figures,instead of drawing them. Great for preschoolers to follow along with older students.

Your students will listen in on the conversation between Jesus and His disciples as they shared the Last Supper together. They will walk  with Jesus as He was tried, beaten, crucified, and died on the cross. Then share the joy felt by the disciples when they learned that Jesus had risen from the dead.  The  Bible study will conclude with the last words of instruction Jesus gave to His disciples before He ascended to heaven. Once this study has been completed, your students will be able to put the pieces of the Easter story together like never before!
11 Weekly Lessons or 40 Daily Lessons

Student Book: The student book has everything your student will need: lessons pages, timelines, memory verses, extra memory work and reviews. 56 pages.

Student Supply List: Bible, Grapevine Studies student book, index cards, and colored pencils.

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