16 Teaching Tips

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16 Simple Teaching Tips

Teaching Grapevine Bible is fun and easy. To help you start your next study, here are 16 of our most popular teaching tips!

  1. Use colored pencils, not crayons or markers for drawing the stick figures. Crayons have a thick line and make drawing in the boxes difficult. Markers bleed through the page.
  2. If you are printing your own books, we recommend the thicker paper “24-pound paper” instead of “20 pound”.
  3. Take the lesson pages out of the student binder before class because the binder rings are hard to draw over.
  4. Set out the lesson pages and colored pencils before class. When students set down in class, everything is ready to go.
  5. Write your notes and application points in the teacher book so you have them now and in the future.
  6. Encourage children to add to their drawings, the more they draw and add, the more they remember.
  7. Read the lesson passages from different versions of the Bible, if time allows.
  8. Simplify the drawings for younger children if needed. The traceable version of the student book is great for younger children who are in a class with older children.
  9. Allow different students to draw the pictures on the board.
  10. Add as many extra questions to the Lesson Review as time allows and questions you feel your students need to understand that lesson.
  11. Have the students review their drawings with dad or a friend. You will be amazed at what they remember!
  12. Have older children write the Lesson Review for the younger children. Each question must start with Who, What, When, Where, Why or How. This helps them to see the important facts from the lesson.
  13. Have your teens teach an occasional lesson for you. This helps prepare them to teach in the future.
  14. Keep the completed student books as a gift for parents or keepsake. We find kids love to keep them and refer back to them when talking to their friends. Many churches and schools keep the student books in the classroom until the end of the study so that pages are not lost.
  15. For Middle School students, help them to find online study resources for their Quest page assignments like Bible Gateway, Blue Letter Bible or BibleHub.
  16. Use different kinds of games to do Section Reviews and Final Reviews to make them fun.

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