3 Bible Study Ideas for Summer

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3 Bible Study Ideas for Summer

Looking for Bible study ideas for this summer? Growing spiritually during the summer months can be challenging but it can also be a time of great growth for you and your family.  Let’s look at three simple and easy things you can do to include Bible study into your busy summer schedule.

How to Use Flash Cards for Summer Bible Studies

Flash cards are easy to use, easy to store, and most of all fun! At Grapevine we have  Old Testament and New Testament flashcards that will give your family a hands-on way of reviewing the Bible as you are on the go this summer. Here are few things you can do with these flash cards:

  • Encourage children to put the Bible flash cards in chronological order.
  • Using two sets of flashcards and play memory.
  • Have a child draw one flash card and tell a fact about the character or event on that card. To make it harder, have each child tell a new fact until you run out of facts.
  • Draw a card and retell the story of that character or event. If the person telling the story misses a fact, others can raise their hand and give the missing fact.
  • Choose one character, put that character in a prominent location, and spend the week discussing their life, character, virtues, and how we can emulate them.

Flash cards are something you want to add to your summer plans!

How to Use Timelines for Summer Bible Studies

Summer is a great time to learn something new in a fun way. Teaching the chronology of the Bible is a great summer project. Your kids know many people and stories from the Bible but they many not know the order in which they occurred. Bible timelines will give your children a big picture view of the Bible.

  • Using a stick and dirt, shells and sand, or sidewalk chalk, draw the timeline outside.
  • If you have used Grapevine at church, draw the timeline on the church side walks! This will help the adult see what you have learned this year in Sunday School.Plus it is a great way to recruit volunteers.
  • If you do it at home, it is a great conversation starter for your neighbors.
  • Look up possible dates for each character or event on the timeline and add the date below the person/event.
  • Review other world events happening during the same time as biblical events. Note them with index cards below the timeline.

Bible timelines are something every believer of any age can learn and enjoy!

How to Use Movies for Summer Bible Study

Watching faith-based movies about biblical events is a fun summer activity you can do with your children. You can read movie reviews and then select the ones you think will be both entertaining and lead to discussion.

  • Choose movies related to a biblical character or events.
  • Discuss what biblical facts the movie had right or which they had wrong.
  • Invite your family and friends then watch a movie with you outside.

Movies can be a fun reward at the end of a week or as you travel this summer.

Bible study ideas for summer can be unlimited. This summer can be a time to do Bible study in a different way, teaching your children that growing in their faith can be fun all year long. In additions to timelines and flash cards, Grapevine also has several Bible studies to choose from, so take get your supplies ordered today!

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