3 Simple Kids Summer Bible Activities

Finding it a challenge to fit Bible study in into your summer schedule? We can help! Here are three easy kids summer bible activities you can do with your children to keep the learning going strong all summer long.

Bible Character Study: Choose one character to study this summer. Grapevine has some fun studies to consider that are perfect for summer: Joseph, Esther, Ruth, and Moses.

Have students create a poster with the following information for the character they are studying:

  • Who are the people involved? Including the main character.
  • When did this person live? What happened before and after, on the biblical timeline?
  • Where did the events related to this person take place? Find them on a map. What is the location(s) called today?
  • What do we learn about God from these verses?

Bible Timeline: Study the big picture of the Bible this summer. Help your children or students see where the people and events they know about fit into the timeline. This is also a great study for adults.

Study One Virtue a Week: Summer is a great time to work on our character and practice those virtues that we often overlook. I have found my favorite virtues study is We Choose Virtues. Check it out for your family or your church.

  • Choose one virtue a week to study.
  • Find memory verses related to that virtue.
  • Encourage each family member/students in practicing virtues.
  • Acknowledge the virtue when you see someone in your family or class displaying a virtue.

I hope these ideas will encourage you as you make plans for Bible study this summer. I would love to read about your plans for summer bible activities! What are you doing?

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