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3 Things Every Bible Curriculum Should Have

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

Are you searching for a Bible curriculum that engages students and makes teaching easier? At Grapevine, we give you what every Bible curriculum should have for both teachers and students! Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of busy teachers who want to teach the Bible effectively.

Our interactive lessons keep kids engaged and excited about learning each lesson. Plus, our easy-to-follow lesson plans make teaching a breeze! Regardless if whether you need something open-and-go or prefer to study and prepare beforehand. And with multi-level lessons, you can effectively teach students at different levels, all at your own pace.

If you’re a Sunday School teacher or parent, you know how overwhelming it can be to find the right tools and curriculum to teach the Bible well. But with Grapevine, you’ll have everything you need to teach the Bible with confidence.

1. Interactive lessons that keep kids asking to do Bible each day.

One way to help our children get into the habit of daily Bible studies is to have lessons that are engaging and interactive. Grapevine lessons incorporate interactive lessons featuring simple stick figure illustrations or easy-to-understand journal activities.

We’ve been doing the PreK-K level  and it’s been perfect for the ages of my kids. They actually rush to open up their binders to this first thing in the morning & Lena always asks if we can do “just one more!” Love that! Nia Bates – Cozy Homeschool Blogger

2. Easy-to-Follow lesson plans for teachers.

In today’s busy world, Bible teachers require accessible and engaging lesson plans that are both easy to follow and enjoyable to teach. At Grapevine, we provide teachers with easy-to-follow lesson plans, ensuring they arrive in the classroom fully prepared to teach their students.

It’s easy to use! It is very open-and-go, which is exactly what I need! I do not have to prepare for the lessons at all. Amy Roberts – Raising Arrows Blog – Mother of 10

3. Multi-level lessons allow you to effectively teach students at different levels at your own pace.

Whether you’re teaching in a homeschool, church, or a school/co-op environment, chances are you have students of various ages. At Grapevine, we offer adaptable lessons that enable you to progress through the material at your own pace. This approach ensures that every student can learn at their own level, fostering a strong biblical foundation for all without leaving anyone behind.

We love that we can go at our own pace and go more in depth in the Bible stories that interest us. My boys love drawing the pictures for each lesson and they love adding their own embellishments to the drawings as well! Carrie Phillips – Mom of boys

Take the next step in your Bible study journey and choose from our studies that provides everything a Bible curriculum should have! If you’re unsure about where to begin, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a personalized recommendation. Embrace the simplicity of accessing a top-quality Bible curriculum like never before!

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