7 Fun Things to Do With Bible Flash Cards

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Looking for fun things to do with Bible flash cards? What materials do you need? Once they are made, how to you change it up to keep your students engaged?

What materials do I need for flash cards?

Most of the things you need to create flash cards are inexpensive and easy to find.

Once you have found all your materials is time to think about how you might use your flash cards and what goals you have in mind for the flash cards.

Flash Card Tips for Teachers

As you introduce flash cards to your students and use them as a teaching tool there are few things to keep in mind.

• Make sure your students can clearly see and read the flash card from where they are sitting or standing.
• Keep the cards in a place that helps them to stay fresh and clean.
• If you ask a question and your student gets it wrong, make sure they know the answer before moving on.
• Allow children to make correction within a few seconds.

7 Fun Things to do with Flash Cards

1. Put the flashcards in chronological order.
2. Recite a verse or find a verse related to the flashcard.
3. Recite a fact about that card and pass it to the next person. For added difficulty, each person passes the card to the next person and that person must give a new fact. The last person to recite a new fact keeps the card.
4. Pick a flashcard and give the character/event that is before and after it on the timeline.
5. Ask a question related to that character/event to the others.

The question must begin with one of the following words:
o Who
o What
o When
o Where
o Why
o How

6. Create your own flash cards.

7. Play various flash card games.

Watch what happens as you begin to use these flashcards to open up discussions and questions. During class time or trips you may have more time for discussions and questions, so take advantage of those open door to help your children or students grow in their faith.

This is not an extensive list of ideas, so if you have ideas or ways you have used flash cards, I would love to hear it! with your ideas!


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