Bible Timeline Events for June 2022

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June brings some interesting events on the Bible timeline calendar, births, leprosy, and decrees! As we start the hot summer months, let’s look and see what events took place in June. Get ready to mark your calendar!

June 2– Sivan 3

  • Boundaries at Mt. Sinai: On Sivan 3 the Lord instructed Moses to consecrate the children of Israel in preparation for the Lord to appear to them. Boundaries were set up around Mount Sinai to prevent people from ascending the mountain and dying. Exodus 19:10-12

June 5– Sivan 6

  • King David Died: On the Jewish calendar, Sivan 6, 837 BC, is noted as the day King David died. He served as king for forty years, following King Saul. His son, Solomon, followed him as king of Israel. The Bible records that David lived to be seventy years old and is buried in the City of David. I Kings 2:10

June 6– Sivan 7

  • Feast of Weeks: Today is the biblical holy day known as the Feast of Weeks or Pentecost. It is celebrated fifty days after the Feast of First Fruits. Leviticus 23:15-22 According to Jewish tradition, this is the day Moses gave the laws of God to the children of Israel. Exodus 20:1-17

June 14– Tamuz 15

  • Judah’s Birthday: Jewish tradition recognizes this date as the birthday of Judah, son of Jacob. Judah was the fourth son born to Leah and Jacob and he lived to be 119 years old. From his descendants would come the Messiah – Jesus! Genesis 29:35

June 20 – Sivan 21

  • Miriam was Leprous: On Sivan 21, 1312 BC, Miriam and Aaron criticized Moses. Miriam was afflicted with a form of leprosy. Moses prayed for her and God healed her. Numbers 12:1-16

June 22 – Sivan 23

  • Mordecai’s Decree: On Sivan 23, the Bible records that a decree written by Mordecai to counteract the decree written by Haman was issued throughout Persia. Mordecai’s decree gave the Jews permission to defend themselves against those who would try to steal from them or kill them. Esther 8:9

June 28 Sivan 29

  • The Twelve Spies: On Sivan 29, 1312 BC, Moses dispatched twelve men, one from each of the twelve tribes of Israel, to spy out the Promised Land. They were to bring back a report about the people, the land, and the cities. This spying mission lasted forty days. Numbers 13:1-25

June 30- Tamuz 1

  • New Moon/New Month: The month of Tamuz begins today. Tamuz is pronounced tah-MOOZ
  • Birth of Joseph: Tamuz 1, is the traditional date for the birth of Joseph, son of Rachel and Jacob. Genesis 30:24

June 13 – Tamuz 3

  • The Sun Stood Still: On Tamuz 3, 1273 BC, the Lord caused the sun to stand still until Joshua and the army of Israel defeated the Amorites. Joshua 10:1-15

June 19 – Tamuz 9

  • The King Captured: On the 9th of Tamuz, the famine within the besieged city of Jerusalem was so bad that the king and the men of war fled the city. The Babylonians captured the king and took him as a prisoner to Babylon. 2 Kings 25:3-4

June 26 – Tamuz 16

  • The Golden Calf Molded: While Moses was on the mountain meeting with God, the people asked Aaron to build them a god. Taking the gold from the people, Aaron fashioned the golden calf. Exodus 32:1-5

June 27 – Tamuz 17

  • Worship at the Golden Calf: After creating the golden calf, Aaron declared a feast day to the Lord. He built an altar before the golden calf and some of the people brought offerings. Others ate, drank, and played before the altar. Exodus 32:5-6
  •  Broken Tablets: After receiving the Ten Commandments written by God on two tablets, Moses returned to the camp of Israel only to discover some of the people celebrating around a golden calf. Tamuz 17 is commemorated as the day Moses broke the tablets on which God had written the Law. Some Jewish sources put this event on Av 29.
    Exodus 32:19

June 28 Tamuz 18

  • Moses Prayed: The day after Moses descended the mountain to find the people and the golden calf, he once again ascended the mountain to seek atonement for the sin of the people. Exodus 32:30-31

Each month has new and unique events, if you want to find out what happened next on the Bible timeline, check out the Biblical Calendar.

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