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Bible Timeline Events in March 2020

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

Have you read about an event in the Bible and wondered how it corresponds to our modern calendar? Below see some of the biblical events occurring in the month of March.

March 1 – Adar 5
Moses’ Final Instructions: Over the past forty days Moses had given the children of Israel his final instructions, today marks the last of day of his address to them. Deuteronomy 31:24-32.

March 2 – Adar 6
Moses and the Pentateuch: On Adar 6, 1273 BC, Moses completed the thirteen copies of the Pentateuch according to tradition. One copy was created for each of the twelve tribes of Israel and one copy for the Ark of the Covenant. Deuteronomy 31:9

March 3 – Adar 7
The Song of Moses: On this day, Moses gave the children of Israel a song, referred to later in Scripture as the Song of Moses. After singing this song, God allowed Moses to see the Promised Land. Deuteronomy 32:1-43

Moses Died: Moses died on Adar 7, 1273, at the age of 120. According to Jewish history, this was also his birthday. Moses died on Mount Nebo and was buried by God in the valley of Moab. To this day, the location of his grave is unknown. Deuteronomy 34:5-8

March 8 – Adar 12
Second Temple Rededicated: Jewish history records Adar 12, 11 BC as the rededication of the Second Temple after Herod the Great completed his renovations. While Herod was king, he had the Second Temple restored and the courtyard expanded. This was the Temple at which Jesus worshipped. This Temple and the surrounding courtyards were completed in 63 AD and destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD.

March 9 – Adar 13
Haman’s Date: Adar 13 was the date selected by Haman, by lots, to destroy all the Jews living in Persia. Esther 3:13

Haman’s Sons Died: The ten sons of Haman were killed in Sushan and then hung on the gallows. Haman’s ten sons died on the exact date set for the Jews to die. Esther 9:6-10,13-14

Fast of Esther: Today is traditionally a day of fasting. It is a time to remember how Esther and the Jews of Persia fasted before she went to the king asking him to spare the Jewish people from death. Esther 4:15-17.

March 10 &11 – Adar 14 & 15
Purim: The holiday of Purim was instituted in the book of Esther. These days are set aside to remember how God used Queen Esther of Persia to deliver His people from death. Purim is celebrated for two days. Esther 9:21.

March 12 – Adar 16
Walls of Jerusalem: By Jewish tradition this is the day King Agrippa began rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem in 41 BC.

March 18 – Adar 22
First Priests Anointed: Moses consecrated Aaron and his sons as the first priests to serve in the newly built Tabernacle. From this point on, Aaron and his sons would minister in the Tabernacle. Leviticus 7-8.
March 20 – Adar 24
King Jehoiachin Restored:  The book of Jeremiah records this as the time when the King of Babylon released King Jehoiachin of Judah from prison and restored him to a place of honor. Jeremiah 52:3.
March 26 – Nisan 1
New Moon/New Month: The month of Nisan begins today. Nisan is the first month in the biblical religious year.  Nisan is pronounced nee-SHAN.
Dry Land: Genesis 8:13 records that on the first day of the first month, Noah removed the covering on the ark because he could see dry land.
The Tabernacle: In the second year after leaving Egypt, the children of Israel set up the Tabernacle on Nisan 1. The Tabernacle would serve as the central place of worship until the Temple was built in Jerusalem during the reign of King Solomon. Exodus 40:17
The Temple Repaired: On Nisan 1, in the first year of King Hezekiah’s reign, he began to repair and restore the Temple.  2 Chronicles 29:3,17
Ezra: Ezra, the scribe, left with the second group of Jewish captives to return from Babylon to Jerusalem. When Ezra arrived in Jerusalem, he taught the people the Word of God. Under Ezra’s encouragement, the men who had taken pagan wives repented of their sin, put away their pagan wives, and made the appropriate sacrifices. Ezra 7: 9 and Ezra 10:16-19

March 28 – Nisan 3

Levites Ordained: Moses and the congregation brought the sons of Levi before the Tabernacle to ordain them for the service in the Tabernacle. Numbers 8:5-22.



March 30 – Nisan 5
Spies: In Jewish history, Nisan 5, 1273 BC, marks the day Joshua sent scouts to spy out the Promised Land and to explore the city of Jericho.   Joshua 2:1.

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