Bible Timeline Events in May 2022

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The Bible Timeline events for May include many historical high points, the foundation of the First Temple being laid, remembering the dreams given to Joseph by the Lord, and Jesus ascended to heaven after giving His final instructions to His disciples. As you review the timeline of biblical events this month, be sure to mark them on your calendar and read the verses related to each event with your family!

May 2 – Iyar 1

Census: The Lord instructed Moses to take a census of the children of Israel the second year after leaving Egypt. Moses counted all the men, aged 20 and older, by tribe. Since this was a census for men of war, the Levites were excluded. Numbers 1:1-3

Second Temple: The building of the Second Temple began in Jerusalem by Zerubbabel and those who returned with him from captivity in Babylon. The Second Temple was built on the exact location of the First Temple. Ezra 3:8

May 3 – Iyar 2

First Temple Foundation: The Bible records this day as the start of building the First Temple. On this day the foundation of the Temple was started. The Temple was built on the land purchased by King David and the traditional location of the binding of Isaac. 2 Chronicles 3:2

Jesus Appeared at the Sea: After Jesus rose from the dead, He appeared to seven of His disciples while they were shing on the Sea of Galilee. John 21:1

May 10 – Iyar 9

Joseph’s Dream: According to Jewish tradition this is the date on which God gave Joseph the dream where the sun, moon, and eleven stars bowed before him. Genesis 37:9

May 11 – Iyar 10

Eli the Priest Died: On this day, Eli the Priest died after receiving word his sons were dead. Samuel lived at in Shiloh and helped Eli with the work of the Tabernacle. Eli taught and took care of the prophet Samuel as he grew up.  I Samuel 4:18

May 15 – Iyar 14

Second Passover: If a person is unable to keep the Feast of Passover, the biblical law allows you to celebrate the Passover one month later. The second Passover would have been celebrated by Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus because they were unable to celebrate after burying Jesus. Numbers 9:6

May 16 – Iyar 15

Quail: The Bible records that the children of Israel complained against Moses because the bread they had brought out of Egypt was depleted. At evening, on this day, God sent a great number of quail to the children of Israel. Exodus 16:1-36

May 17 – Iyar 16

Manna: On this morning, Scripture records that manna fell for the rest time. Manna would continue to fall throughout the wilderness wanderings of the children of Israel. Manna stopped falling only when they entered the Promised Land. Exodus 16:4-5 and Joshua 5:12

May 18 – Iyar 17

The Flood Subsided: After forty days and nights of rain, the flood waters remained on the earth of 150 days, after which the waters began to subside on the earth. Genesis 7:23-8

May 21- Iyar 20

The Cloud Moved: On this day the cloud was taken up from the Tabernacle leading the children of Israel away from Sinai and into the Wilderness of Paran. Numbers 10:11

May 23 – Iyar 22

First Sabbath: Traditionally, this marks the first Sabbath for the children of Israel after receiving the manna from the Lord. For six days they were to gather manna, and on the seventh day they were to rest. Exodus 16:4-5, 26-27

May 24 – Iyar 23

Water from the Rock: In Jewish history on Iyar 23 in 1313 BC, Moses hit the rock at Horeb to provide water for the children of Israel and their flocks. This location was then named Massah or Meribah. Exodus 17:6-7

May 25 – Iyar 24

The Flood Began: When the Flood came, the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. The flooding continued for forty days and forty nights, covering the entire earth. Genesis 7:17-22

May 26 – Iyar 25

Ascension Day: In Christian tradition, this is called Ascension Day, commemorating the day Jesus ascended into heaven following His resurrection. It is forty days after Easter and always falls on a Thursday. Acts 1:9

May 29- Iyar 28

Samuel Died: On Iyar 28 in the year 877 BC, Samuel the prophet and judge of Israel died according to Jewish history. Samuel began serving at the Tabernacle as a young child. He lived to be 52 years old and anointed both Saul and David as kings over Israel. Some Jewish sources put this event on Iyar 29. I Samuel 25:1

May 31- Sivan 1

New Moon/New Month: The month of Sivan begins today. Sivan is pronounced see-VHAN.

Boundaries at Mt. Sinai: On Sivan 1 the Lord instructed Moses to consecrate the children of Israel in preparation for the Lord’s appearance.The people were to set boundaries around Mount Sinai. Exodus 19:10-12

Ascension Day: In Christian tradition, this is called Ascension Day, commemorating the day Jesus ascended into heaven following His resurrection. It is forty days after Easter and always falls on a Thursday. Acts 1:9

So, now you have all the Bible Timeline events for May you can mark your calendars! Want to know what happens the rest of the year? See our 2022 Biblical Calendar!

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