Bible Timeline Events in November

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November is an important month for those of us here in the US and several events took place on the biblical calendar! Many things will be decided and that is why it is so important to take time to look and see what God has done! He has been with His children from the beginning and regardless of what happens this month, He is with us.

Today, let’s look at the events that took place in the Bible and correspond to November.

November 2 – Cheshvan 27
Leaving the Ark:
Cheshvan 27, 2104 BC, is the day Noah, his family, and the animals left the ark. The first thing Noah did after coming off the ark was to build an altar and offer a burnt offering to God. Genesis 8:15-19

November 5 – Kislev 1
New Moon/New Month: The month of Kislev begins today. Kislev is pronounced KISS-lev.

November 8 – Kislev 4
Fast Day: Today is the fast day the prophet Zechariah refers to this fast day in Zechariah 7:1

November 18 – Kislev 14
Reuben: This is the birthday of Reuben, the first-born son of Jacob by his wife Leah. He lived to be 125 years old. Genesis 29:32

November 19 – Kislev 15
Ezra Prayed: After arriving in Jerusalem with the second group of exiles from Babylon, Ezra was told about the intermarriages among the priests, the Levites, and the children of Israel. On Kislev 17, Ezra began fasting, praying, and confessing the sins of the people while bowing down in front of the Second Temple. Ezra 9:5

November 24 – Kislev 20
Pagan Wives: After three days of fasting and praying, Ezra convened the men of Judah and Benjamin in Jerusalem. He exhorted those who had disobeyed God by marrying pagan women to begin to obey God by putting away those wives. Ezra 10:1-15.

November 28 – Kislev 24
Advent – First Sunday: Advent is celebrated on the four Sundays preceding Christmas. Advent is a time of preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ first coming in anticipation of His second coming. Traditionally, Christians celebrate with an Advent wreath containing three purple candles, one pink candle, and a white candle. Themes for the first week are biblical patriarchs, expectation, and hope. A purple candle is lit on this Sunday.

The Second Temple Foundation: The first group of captives left Babylon and arrived in Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple. However, after much opposition, the building was stopped by the enemies of the Jews. After an eighteen year delay, the Jews resumed the building of the Second Temple on Kislev 24, 354 BC. Haggai 2:1-14; Ezra 5:1-6:18

November 29 – Kislev 25
Feast of Lights – Day 1: Chanukah (Feast of Dedication) is an eight-day celebration to remember God’s provision. After the Jewish Maccabees defeated the Syrian-Greeks, they rededicated the Temple that was defiled. However, there was only enough holy oil for one day to light the Lampstand in the Temple. By God’s provision, the one-day supply of oil lasted for eight days, giving the priest time to
consecrate more oil. John 10:22

Cain and Abel: According to Jewish history, Kislev 25, 3720 BC, is the day that Cain killed his brother, Abel. This is the first murder recorded in scripture. Genesis 4:1-8

Now that you know the Bible timeline events in November of this year, you can mark them on your calendar! If you are want to know all the events for the rest of 2020 and all of 2021 I recommend the new 2021 Bible events calendar.

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