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Bible Timeline

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March 2 – Adar 18
Half-Shekel: According to some Christian traditions, this is the day Jesus told Peter to catch a fish, take the coin from its mouth, and pay the Temple tax of half a shekel for each of them. Matthew 17:24-27

March 6 – Adar 22
First Priests Anointed: Moses consecrated Aaron and his sons as the first priests to serve in the newly built Tabernacle. From this point on, Aaron and his sons would minister in the Tabernacle. Leviticus 7-8

March 9 – Adar 25
King Jehoiachin Restored: The book of Jeremiah records this as the time when the King of Babylon released King Jehoiachin of Judah from prison and restored him to a place of honor. Jeremiah 52:31

March 13 – Adar 29
Passover Instructions Given: On this day, the Lord told Moses that He was instituting a new calendar for the children of Israel. With the beginning of the new calendar, and the first month (Nisan) they would prepare for and celebrate the first Passover. Exodus 12

March 14 – Nisan 1
New Moon/New Month: The month of Nisan begins today. Nisan is the first month in the biblical religious year. Nisan is pronounced nee-SHAN.

Dry Land: Genesis 8:13 records that on the first day of the first month, Noah removed the covering on the ark because he could see dry land.

The Tabernacle: In the second year after leaving Egypt, the children of Israel set up the Tabernacle on Nisan 1. The Tabernacle would serve as the central place of worship until the Temple was built in Jerusalem during the reign of King Solomon. Exodus 40:17

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