Bible Study

Bible Timelines

| Dianna Wiebe |
Why You want to Teach Bible Timelines You want your students to actively engage in Bible study and retain what they are learning. But it …

Why Drawing the Bible Helps Kids Retain the Stories

| Dianna Wiebe |
How Drawing the Bible Helps Kids Retain the Stories Would you be surprised to learn that simply drawing the Bible while learning the stor…

Learning the Bible on the Go

| Dianna Wiebe |
Bible study on the go Are you finding it hard to keep your kids learning the Bible on the go? Summers are busy! This is such a fun season…

The Trials of Jesus Part 2

After being arrested in the garden, Jesus endured six trials before being crucified. The first three trials were religious and the last t…

Fun Facts about Esther

| Dianna Wiebe |
Are you teaching the book of Esther? Are you looking for some general background information to help you prepare for a class? We can help…

7 Things to Look for in Your Next Bible Study

| Dianna Wiebe |
As a Christian homeschool mom, you want to include Bible study in your daily schedule. Does this mean you simply read the Bible each day …

4 Tips for Setting Your Bible Study Goals in 2020

| Dianna Wiebe |
Goals can be easy to set, but hard to meet. One goal many of us set each year is to spend more time in God’s Word. However, it is easy to…

How to Teach a Preschool – Kindergarten a Bible Lesson with Grapevine

| Dianna Wiebe |
How to Teach a Preschool to Kindergarten a Bible Lesson Teaching a preschool and kindergarten Bible lesson is both challenging and reward…

Why is Scripture Writing Important

| Dianna Wiebe |
Every time you open your Bible, do you feel overwhelmed and inadequate? Do you wonder where to start? I know how discouraging it can be t…

Summer Devotions

| Dianna Wiebe |
Tools for Summer Devotions Summer devotions can be challenging, but they don’t have to be boring! Here are new tools to try and a simple …

5 Ways to Use Flashcards for Bible Study on a Trip

| Dianna Wiebe |
Flashcards for Bible Study “Are we there yet?” Every parent who has taken a trip with a child has heard those words. How do we keep our …

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