Biblical Calendar

Dates for the Old Testament – Part 2

| Dianna Wiebe |
Dates for Old Testament Events – Part 2 Dates are a interesting but debated when it comes to the Bible, and this is why I have not inclu…

The Biblical Fall Festivals 2021

| Dianna Wiebe |
The Biblical Fall Festivals of 2021 You’ve have heard about Jewish holidays, the Fall Festivals, Biblical Feasts, or the Feasts of the Lo…

Bible Timeline Events for June

| Dianna Wiebe |
Biblical timeline events in August start with the commemoration of the Transfiguration of Jesus. In August, we mark the day Moses re-cut …

Bible Timeline Events for June

Biblical timeline events in July remind us that God is at work in every generation. July we mark some interesting events on the Bible tim…

Biblical Events in April

April is the month for celebrating new beginnings! On the biblical Hebrew calendar, in the months of Nisan and Iyar, we celebrate the chi…

Why is Passover in March and Easter in April this year?

| Dianna Wiebe |
This year Passover is celebrated a week before Easter, but why? In order to understand why this is happening, we need to look at how the …

Bible Timeline

March 2 – Adar 18 Half-Shekel: According to some Christian traditions, this is the day Jesus told Peter to catch a fish, take the coin fr…

How Our Modern Calendar Was Created

| Dianna Wiebe |
How Did We Get Our Modern Calendar? Have you ever wondered how our modern calendar came into existence? Have you read the Bible and found…

How Was Time Measured in the Bible?

| Dianna Wiebe |
Have you ever wondered how our current calendar came into existence? Have you read the Bible and found the months different from the cale…

Bible Timeline Events Happening in August 2022

| Dianna Wiebe |
What Bible timeline events happen in August this year? Let’s look to see what events in biblical history occurred this month. August begi…

Bible Timeline Events in March 2020

Have you read about an event in the Bible and wondered how it corresponds to our modern calendar? Below see some of the biblical events o…

Bible Timeline Events in February 2020

| Dianna Wiebe |
This month begins with the presentation of Jesus at the Temple and ends with the completion of the Second Temple. February 2 – Shevat 7Pr…

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