Teacher Training

16 Teaching Tips

| Dianna Wiebe |
16 Simple Teaching Tips Teaching Grapevine Bible is fun and easy. To help you start your next study, here are 16 of our most popular tea…

7 Fun Things to Do With Bible Flash Cards

| Dianna Wiebe |
Looking for fun things to do with Bible flash cards? What materials do you need? Once they are made, how to you change it up to keep your…

Bible Flash Cards Games

Vacation time is here and you want to do Bible study in a fun and different way! But you have run out of ideas. We can help! Here are 7 f…

7 Teaching Tips for Preschool to Kindergarten Kids

| Dianna Wiebe |
Teaching little ones can be fun but challenging. Today, let’s look at ten teaching tips for you to use as you teach preschool through kin…

How to Teach the Bible Timeline

| Dianna Wiebe |
Teaching the Bible timeline can be challenging. Three things can make teaching the timeline fun and effective. At Grapevine, beginning in…

3 Things that Help Your Child Retain the Bible

| Dianna Wiebe |
How can I help my child to retain the Bible stories they are learning? What are things that help children retain the Bible stories they a…

5 Things Every Sunday School Class Needs

| Dianna Wiebe |
Sunday Schools today need five basic things to be successful: prayer, interaction with the Bible, encouragement for students to ask quest…

Quick Start Guide for Overviews

| Dianna Wiebe |
Quick Start Guide for Overview Needing a quick overview of how Old and New Testament Overviews work at Grapevine? See how easy it is to t…

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