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Dates for the New Testament – Part 2

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

Today we are going to look at part 2 dates for the New Testament. I am opening my personal notes and sharing them with you. Unless noted, the dates I am using is coming from the book, Annals of World History by Bishop James Ussher.

BC or BCE – Before Christ or Before Common Era
AD – Latin translation “In the year of our Lord”

Part two covers the years of Jesus ministry. At Grapevine, we group Jesus’ major ministry events together so there are not many dates to pinpoint.

Dates for New Testament Part 2

Jesus Ministry Years

  • 30-33 AD

Jesus and the Sea

  • There are two major events recorded about Jesus and the sea

Jesus Healed the Sick

  • From the beginning of Jesus’ ministry

Jesus Healed the Demon-possessed

  • Throughout Jesus’ ministry

Jesus Raised the Dead

  • Several times during His ministry

Jesus Entered Jerusalem

  • Spring of 33 AD
  • Nisan 10, the day the lambs were selected for Passover

The Last Supper

  • Options
    • Thursday before a Friday crucifixion
    • Wednesday before the resurrection to allow 3 days/3 nights in the tomb
      Nissan 13, the time for family Passover celebrations

Garden of Gethsemane

  • Following the Last Supper

Trials of Jesus

  • Beginning late in the night and throughout the early morning hours
  • 6 Trials
    • 3 by the Religious Leaders
      3 by the Civil Leaders

I hope you will be able to use it as you teach the New Testament Part 2. If you have any comments be sure to reply to this email.



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