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Dates for the New Testament – Part 3

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

Dates for New Testament Events – Part 3

Dates for the New Testament can be difficult to find and stir debate, but that should not stop us from looking at the dates others have set. However, I am often asked about dates since we do not include them in the Grapevine curriculum. So, today, I am going to give you my personal notes on the New Testament Timeline Part 3 dates I use when I teach a class. 

I primarily use the book, Annals of World History by Bishop James Ussher for these dates. Dates can be added to our New Testament Overview studies or our Timelines.

Part three covers the time of Jesus crucifixion to Saul.

New Testament Part 3 Dates

Jesus Crucified

  • 33 AD
  • Crucified about 9 am
    • Between two criminals
  • Died at about 3 pm

Jesus Died

Upon the death of Jesus several events took place:

  • Darkness covered the land
  • An earthquake struck
  • The veil in the Temple was torn top to bottom
  • Graves were open and some were resurrected

 Jesus was Buried

  •  Buried by Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus
  • Buried in a new tomb
  • Roman guards were assigned to guard the tomb

 Jesus Rose:

  • After three days Jesus rose from the dead!
  • Feast of First Fruits – Jesus was the first fruit of those who would rise from the dead

Jesus Appeared: After Jesus’ resurrection He appeared many times

  • Apostles
  • Cephas
  • 500

Jesus Ascended

  • At the end of forty days Jesus ascended to heaven
  • The angel told the disciples He would return in the clouds

 The Holy Spirit

  • Fifty days after Jesus died on the cross
  • Feast of Pentecost

The Early Church

  • On the day of Pentecost, the day the Holy Spirit was given to the Church
  • Peter preached at the Temple
  • 3,000 men believed and were baptized


  • Stephen, the first believer to die for his faith
  • Believers arrested and imprisoned


  • Saul witnessed Stephen’s death
  • Persecutor of the followers of Jesus
  • Saul and became a believer of Jesus

If you missed the dates for the New Testament Part 1 and New Testament Part 2 be sure to grab them before you begin teaching.


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