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3 Ways of Getting Closer to God

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

Getting closer to God is a goal we have but the busyness of life often holds us. back from growing as much as we desire. Today, let’s look at three simple ways to get started. Our goal is to do three things this next month so that we can look back and know we have a deeper spiritual life than we did one month ago! Let’s look at three ways we can draw close to God.

Getting Closer to God through Bible Reading

First, Bible study is a great way to grow closer to God, the author of the Bible. Bible reading helps us to see how God interacted through history with people and how they responded to Him. Reading the Bible helps us to see the success and failures of others, and how God loved and interacted with other imperfect people like us!

Where do you start reading the Bible? Here are a few places to start.


  • A Psalm a day
  • One Proverb a day
  • The book of Genesis
  • Luke and then Acts

Scripture writing is another good way to study the Bible. At Grapevine, we have Scripture writing studies you might want to start

In addition to personal reading, join a local Bible study. We all benefit when we discuss and study the Bible with others. Reading and studying the Bible is necessary for growing closer to God.

Prayer Draws us Closer to God

Second, prayer is essential to growing closer to God. Prayer is talking to God. Sometimes we hear people praying long and flowing prayers and that can be intimidating. Don’t let it be. God wants to hear our words and wants us to be open and honest with Him. He wants to hear our questions, and He wants to answer those prayers and questions.

Prayer shows that we believe in God and His ability to answer and move in our lives. Prayer is more than a hope, it is saying to God, “I know you can move or answer my questions, so in faith, I am asking you do this…”

Not sure what to pray? One way is to read the prayers in the Bible.

Many denominations have prayer books or you can find prayer books at Christian bookstores. Reading prayers writing by others and adding your own prayers are a great way to draw closer to God.

Growing Closer to God through Community

The third way to draw closer to God is to be active in our local Christian community. This might include being part of a local church or Bible study group. Growing closer to God includes being involved with others who can help us grow in our faith. Finally, communities are like a family, none of us have it all together, so you get to see how other imperfect people live out their lives.

Where do you start if we are not part of the community?

  • Attend a local church this month, in person or online
  • Find out what local Bible studies are in your area and attend
  • Gather with other Christians for lunch

Growing closer to God does not have to be overwhelming or discouraging! This month we can take a big step closer to God through Bible reading, prayer, and being part of a Christian community. Are you ready to get started?

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