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Summer Devotions

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

Tools for Summer Devotions

Summer devotions can be challenging, but they don’t have to be boring! Here are new tools to try and a simple framework for your next devotion.

Have you discovered new Bible study tools this summer? Do you have a study framework you like to use?

My husband and I teach adult Sunday School and each week we open several translations of the Bible, several devices, and other study books. Here are some of our favorite Bible study tools!


Bible Apps: Study from any device is easy with these apps. These provide us with different translations of the Bible as well as commentaries on each passage.

Atlases: I love to see where and event took place and what that location is called today. My favorite Atlases are:

Our Framework

Step 1: Read

Determine the plain meaning or obvious meaning of the passage(s). We do this using several translations.

Step 2: Study the Parts

People – looking up the meaning of any proper names listed because they normally say something about the person of the event.

Locations – identify the locations mentioned looking for related passages or other events that took place at that location

Time – discover if the time of year is mention, having the Biblical Calendar handy helps.

Words Used – we look up key words or repeated words in a passage. We look up these words in their original language.

Step 3: Application

What did we learn about God’s character in these verses?

After prayer, and normally on the drive into church (35 minutes) we ask the question, “So what?”

What action, attitude, or belief do we need to change to align with the Word of God?


This year change the way you do your summer devotions. What is one new Bible study tool you are using?  Share with us!


Do you have children? Read our 3 Bible study tips for Summer!

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