Where Do I Start with Grapevine?

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Where do I start with Grapevine?

Choosing a Bible curriculum can feel overwhelming. There are so many choices and sometimes it is hard to know where to start. At Grapevine, take the stress out of choosing a study by giving you a simple and easy three-year plan.

We recommend starting with the Topical studies and then moving to the Overview Studies. Here is the 3 year cycle we recommend.

Year 1 –  Topical Studies

Year 2 Old Testament Overview

Year 3 New Testament Overview

Topical Studies at Grapevine

As you get started with Grapevine we recommend beginning with one of our shorter topical studies. We have a wide age range of individual studies to go through.

Depending on the time of year you begin, you will want to include the Birth of Jesus around beginning in November and the Resurrection beginning in late January.The topical studies go further in depth on the subjects than what is covered in the Overviews.

Overview Studies at Grapevine

After you do a few topical studies, you will be ready for the Old Testament or New Testament Overviews. In these studies you will cover the major characters and events of the Bible through a chronological overview. With each level we introduce new skills for students to learn to enable them to eventually be able to study the Bible on their own.

PreK-Kindergarten – Ages 3 to 6 – PreK to K

    • Introduce your students to the major characters and events chronologically.
    • Traceable student option for younger students.
    • Memorize at least one fact and memory verse related to each lesson.
    • Not compatible with older levels.

Early Elementary – Ages 5 to 9 – 1st to 3rd Grades

    • ​Introduce your students to the Bible timeline
    • Memorize the books of the Bible and other fact
    • Draw the timeline.
    • Traceable student option for younger students.

Elementary – Ages 9 to 12 – 4th to 6th Grades

    • ​​​​​​​Build on the timeline events and learn the books of the Bible
    • Learn basic Bible geography
    • Draw the timeline

Middle School – Ages 12 to 14 – 7 and 8th Grades

    • Build on the timeline events
    • Note where the books of the Bible fit on the timeline
    • Learn basic Bible geography
    • Practice using Bible study tools: Dictionary, Concordance, and Topical Bible

What do I need to buy from Grapevine?


  • Bible (version of your choice)
  • Teacher Book: Softbound


  • Teacher eBook: Teacher License: Legally make copies for one teacher
  • White marker board and markers
  • Bible Dictionary


  • Bible
  • Student Book: 3 Hole Punched Loose Leaf pages and ready for your notebook. You will need one for each student. If you prefer to print your own, see the eBook options below.


  • Student eBooks – Grapevine offers eBooks in PDF format for those parents and teachers who would like to print their own books. Licenses are non-transferable.
    • Family License: Legally make copies for your immediate family
    • Small Class License: Legally make up to 10 copies of a book
    • Large Class License: Legally make up to 30 copies of a book
  • Notebook – 3 ring-binder
  • Colored pencils (crayons and markers not recommended)
  • Middle School students: access to a Bible Dictionary, Topical Bible, and Concordance.

Need a Personal Recommendation from Grapevine?

Not sure what you need? Or where to start? I can help with a personal recommendation for you!

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  3. You will receive personalized 2 options

Or you can reply to this email with the grades/ages you are teaching and any information you think I might need to know to give you a recommendation.

I am happy to help!



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