Biblical Events Calendar Notes

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Biblical Events Calendar Notes

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Biblical Events Calendar Notes

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Have you read about a month in the Bible and wondered how it corresponded to our modern months? When Jesus attended Passover, what time of year was that festival? What are the other biblical festivals? If these are questions you have asked, these biblical calendar notes are for YOU!

This visual calendar combines our modern calendar with the biblical calendar. Each month displays the names and dates of the modern and biblical months. As a bonus, the names and pronunciations of the biblical months are included.

Drawing from biblical references, Christian tradition, and Jewish history events have been stick figured onto the calendar. The Notes provide you with references for each event noted on the Wall Calendar, including notes on the Christian festivals.

Calendar Notes

These notes expand on the information given on the biblical Wall Calendar. In the notes, you will read about how our modern calendar evolved, how time was measured in the Bible, and all the events that happened for each day. More details, website references, and scripture passages are included in this companion booklet. The biblical calendar is a great study tool for all ages! 2023 Calendar Notes Sample

Bible study will take on a new dimension when you better understand how time is measure in the Bible and when events took place during the year. You will discover when the biblical holidays, Christian festivals, and other events of the Bible take place this year and in what month! The biblical calendar is a great visual reference for you and those you know who love God’s Word!

Watch a short video of the biblical calendar and notes.

The Wall Calendar and Calendar Notes are two separate, but complementary products.

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