2022 Biblical Events Wall Calendar

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2022 Biblical Events Wall Calendar

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2022 Biblical Events Wall Calendar

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When did the biblical events you read about in the Bible happen during the year? How do I pronounce the Biblical months?  When are the Biblical Feasts?  The 2022 Biblical Events calendar will show you which events happened when.  This exciting Bible Calendar may become your family’s new daily habit.  Help bring the Bible to life by relating Scriptures to what is happening today.

This Bible calendar combines our modern calendar with the biblical (Hebrew) calendar. Each month displays the names and dates of the modern and biblical months. As a bonus, the names and pronunciations of the biblical months are included.

Drawing from biblical references, Christian tradition, and Jewish history, events have been stick figured onto the calendar. The Notes provide you with references and information for each event noted on the Wall calendar.

Wall Calendar

The Bible Wall Calendar is for hanging on the wall as a quick reference for discovering what biblical events took place each day. This engaging calendar will not only educate but also serve as a conversation starter in your family, church, or office.  Gather your friends, family, or co-workers and learn something new!  Check out the  2022 Wall Calendar Sample

Watch a short video walking you through the Biblical Calendar.

Have you read about a month in the Bible and wondered how it corresponded to our modern months? Maybe you have read a story and questioned what time of the year it took place. If these are questions you have asked, this biblical calendar is for YOU!  Grab your copy today.

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2022 Physical calendars will ship the last week of December. The eBook/PDF version you can download immediately after ordering.

The Bible Wall Calendar and Calendar Notes are two separate, but complementary products.

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