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Has the Christmas card shaped your understanding of Jesus’ Birth?

Year after year the story of the birth of Jesus comes to life through the sermon, plays, children’s choirs etc. This year, take a journey through the Christmas story straight from the scriptures through a scripture writing study.

The story of Christmas is the most popular story told year after year. Even unbelievers can recite the basics of the season without ever having walked into a church.

Is it possible there is a cultural version of the Christmas Story and a Biblical basis for the Birth of Jesus that may differ in so many ways?

The best place to learn about the birth of Jesus is right from the scriptures alone! Throughout the pages of scripture from the Old Testament through the Gospels  there is a story that unfolded that changed the course of life as we know it.

Jesus’ birth is known as one of the greatest miracles to take place in all of history! Yet, the story has become so familiar to our Christian culture that we  often overlook the gems hidden ins the story of God’s redemption.

From the prophecies in the Old Testament to the actual birth of Jesus, and all of the forgotten details in between, you will never read The Christmas Story the same again. Chronologically unfold the Birth of Jesus events in real time with a 25 day scripture writing challenge!

Through reading and writing the scriptures you will:

  1. Learn the chronological overview of the major characters and events throughout this popular event.
  2. Discover God’s character in the scriptures.
  3. Apply the verses and story of Jesus birth to your life and personal circumstances.

Book contains a 25 day or 25 lesson scripture writing plan that is suitable for teens or adults.

Format: Softbound book. 76 pages.

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