Esther Trivia Flashcards

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Esther Trivia Flash Cards

Esther Trivia Flash Cards PDF-Family

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Esther Trivia Flashcards

The Esther Trivia flashcards are a convenient way to review the facts from the book of Esther for both adults and children. On the front side of the cards, you will find a stick figure image and a review question from the Esther Bible Study. On the back of the cards, you will find the answer to the question.

Great for:

  • Reviewing the order of events from the book of Esther
  • Memorizing verses from Esther
  • Remembering facts about the characters and events in the book of Esther
  • Playing Games

Esther trivia flashcards are great tools for the busy seasons of life. Busy days can still be productive school days.  Grab the flashcards and do a quick review of what you and your child or student has already learned.  Taking only a couple of minutes to go through, the flashcards will keep you sharp on the basic facts from the book of Esther.

These Esther flashcards help make review time quick and easy.  It’s amazing how quickly children will learn the order of events and the people in the book of Esther by using these flashcards.  They are great for rides in the car between errands, that downtime while sitting and waiting somewhere, or the few minutes you grab while at home to go over the cards for a quick review.  Even if you only have a couple of minutes on a busy day, you can still get some Bible work completed.

Cards measure 2.75 x 4.25 inches.

72 Cards included in the set. Available either printed on card stock or as a downloadable PDF.

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