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Feast of Lights Wall Timeline

Every generation will be tempted to assimilate to the culture around them. This is one story that will encourage your students to be faithful and courageous in the times in which they live! There is no better time to start study the Feast of Dedication timeline than now!

Using this study your students will be able to draw the timeline of the Feast of Lights or Feast of Dedication on their own!

This timeline includes:

  • Stick figures and titles for each of the major characters and events from Mattathias and his sons, the Maccabees to the Feast of Dedication also known as Chanukah
  • Compatible with our Feast of Lights study

Great for:

  • Home Bible study to have as a visual reference as you read the biblical account
  • Sunday School: have students put up the timeline pages as you complete that section of the story each week
  • Devotions: Older students can add biblical references under each character or even on the timeline
  • Homeschool: Teens can research possible dates and include them on their timeline
  • Classroom: Fun visual aid to hang up for review and discussion

This Feast of Lights Timeline will give you plenty of room to add your own information while giving your students a great visual aid. Perfect for your classroom!

7 Glossy Card Stock pages

8.5 inches x 11 inches

Supply List

Items needed for this study:

Student Supply List: Bible, Student or Traceable Book, and colored pencils (8 primary colors).

Teacher Supply List: Bible, Teacher Book, dry erase board & markers (8 primary colors), and Bible dictionary.

Be sure to order both the Teacher and Student Books.