I Remember Christmas Cards


Large Cards and Small Cards in PDF Format

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I Remember Christmas Cards

Transmitting family history and stories is hard to do in our busy world where families often live miles apart. This Christmas can be different when you use the I Remember Christmas Cards!

36 Large and Small Question Cards with blank cards to write your own questions.

These cards are designed to give you questions to ask other family members or friends to get the stories started and get memories coming back. Often, once a story begins, other family members share their memories of that event. This gives younger family members the chance to hear the stories and ask questions. What a great way to pass along family history!

The cards are easy to use:

  1. Download the cards
  2. Print and cut them out
  3. Answer the questions

Many family memories are lost or forgotten because there was a not a time or way to share them with the next generation. It doesn’t have to be that way in your family.

Using the I Remember Christmas cards is a fun and easy way to take a few minutes this Christmas season to share stories and memories with family and friends. Get your set today!

Format: 8.5 x 11 Sheets in PDF to print from your computer

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