New Testament Bible Trivia Flashcards

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New Testament Bible Trivia Flash Cards

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New Testament Bible Trivia Flash Cards PDF

Trivia Flashcards

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New Testament Bible Trivia Flashcards

Learning the facts of the Bible should not be boring! Using these New Testament Bible Trivia flashcards for children you can teach biblical facts in a fun and engaging way.

First, you will ask your students a question about a fact in the Bible. Then, you will  discuss the answer to the question.  This gives your students a way to interact with the answer and create their own memory tool as they play to learn. Each question has a related verse so students can read to discover the answer for themselves. Student learn where to look in the Bible for specific information.

With this bible trivia for children, questions focus on obvious biblical facts, while leaving the deeper theology and church doctrine for parents and teachers to introduce as they work their way through the Bible.

The New Testament Bible Trivia Flashcards are very flexible, making them perfect for many teaching situations. You can do as many questions/answers as you have time for and move at your own pace.

Topics Covered:

  • Ministry of John
  • Ministry of Jesus
  • Jesus’ Death and Burial
  • Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus
  • The Early Church
  • The Final Judgment
  • Books of the New Testament

Great for:

  • Reviewing obvious biblical facts
  • Flexible study
  • Facts about the characters and events on the timeline
  • Games and on-the-go review

Cards measure 2.75 x 4.25 inches.

160 Cards included in the set. Available either printed on card stock or as a downloadable PDF.

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