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Old Testament Bible Trivia Flash Cards PDF

Looking for a creative way to learn Old Testament Bible Trivia that your kids will want to do? Using these flash cards with biblical facts and stick figures you will walk your students through the Old Testament fact by fact.

Students are not just hearing the information and by rote, repeating it back to you, they are actively engaged in creating their own memory tool for that biblical fact.

Flashcard questions include Bible references so your kids can find the answers for themselves and associate the fact with where it can be found in the Bible.

This teaching method is very flexible, making it perfect for many teaching situations. You can do as many questions/answers as you have time for and move at your own pace. Learning the facts of the Bible doesn’t have to be boring! The Old Testament Bible Trivia Flashcards for kids are perfect for families, churches, and schools.

Topics Covered:

Creation Adam & Eve
Noah and the flood
Job, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph
Moses and the Exodus 10 Commandments Tabernacle Books of the Old Testament The First Temple Israel and Judah Esther, Ezra, Nehemiah

No prior knowledge of the Bible is required, making this the perfect study resource for young believers. Questions focus on obvious biblical facts, while leaving the deeper theology and church doctrine for parents and teachers. Whether you are teaching your own children or in a classroom, you can confidently teach biblical facts using this bible trivia for kids. Perfect for when you need a flexible way to review the Old Testament!

Cards measure 2.75 x 4.25 inches.

160 Cards included in the set. Available as a downloadable PDF.

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