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Early Elementary
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Master Teacher Old Testament Part 1

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Master Teacher Old Testament Part 1


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Early Elementary Old Testament Part 1

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Early Elementary Old Testament Part 1


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Early Elementary Old Testament Part 1

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Early Elementary Old Testament Part 1

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Old Testament – Creation to Jacob

Take children on a memorable journey through the Old Testament using stick figures! For many teachers and parents, teaching the Bible to kids can feel overwhelming and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be! The Old Testament Bible Overview equips teachers to communicate God’s Word in an easy and creative way that students will remember for years to come. Here’s how…

Master Teacher book allows you to teach all levels from Early Elementary to Middle School. Not compatible with PreK-Kindergarten level.

These books will help you…

• Prepare & plan each lesson quickly, saving you time and energy.
• Create a fun & engaging experience as kids draw stick figures with the Bible stories
• Explain how each story fits in the “Big Picture” of the Bible
• Deepen understanding by teaching students according to their learning style
• Become the kind of teacher students love!

45 Daily Lessons or 12 Weekly Lessons

Special Learning Focuses:

• TIMELINE – Students are equipped to draw the timeline of the Old Testament.
• FACTS – Students memorize the books of the Old Testament, 12 Sons of Jacob, and the Ten Commandments.
• GEOGRAPHY – Students map biblical locations throughout this study to learn the cities, countries, and empires related to the people and events of the Bible.
• STUDY TOOLS – Students practice using a Bible Dictionary, Concordance, and Topical Bible to give them the lifelong skills they need to study the Bible.

Every lesson follows an easy, 8-step teaching format:

1. Pray and review teacher notes (before class)
2. Review the timeline and memory verses
3. Read Scripture with students
4. Draw stick figures onto board
5. Explore and discuss passage
6. Students draw stick figures into their books
7. Lesson review
8. Lesson memory verse

By the end, students will be able to draw the Old Testament timeline, recite 38 memory verses, and tell you facts about each character or event on the timeline!

You’ll have everything you need to confidently teach the Old Testament and lead children into an “AHA!” moment with the Bible!

Format: 3-Hole punched and ready for your notebook. This teacher book contains the timeline, lesson notes, stick figure drawings, and review questions & answers. 106 pages.

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Student Supply List: Bible, Student or Traceable Book, and colored pencils (8 primary colors).

Be sure to order both the Teacher and Student Books.