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PreK- Kindergarten

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Story of Jesus’ Birth

Your children know the basics of the story of Jesus’ birth, but you want a way to take them one-step beyond what they know. We can help!

This unique Bible study begins with creating a timeline of the characters and events surrounding the birth of Jesus. Then with each lesson, we focus in on a different aspect of the story of Jesus’ birth to help students to see how they relate to one another. During each lesson you will read Scripture, discuss it, and stick figure each passage. Each lesson ends with a lesson review and memory verse related to that lesson.

Beginning in Nazareth, we start with Mary and Joseph’s responses to the news that they would be parents to Jesus, the Messiah! As you go through the study, your students will map the journeys of Joseph and Mary as they travel from Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Egypt, and back to Nazareth. You will introduce them to the people who played key rolls in the coming of Jesus.

In this study, you will:

  • Meet Gabriel, who announced the coming of Jesus to Mary
  • See how the shepherds became the first to tell others of Jesus’ coming
  • Go with Mary and Joseph to the Temple, and meet Simeon, and Anna
  • Learn the evil plans of Herod the Great
  • Watch as the family fled to Egypt
  • See how God protected Joseph, Mary and Jesus
  • Discover where Jesus’ family lived after returning from Egypt

Your students may know the story of Jesus’ birth, but you are going to teach them at a new level! By the end of this study, your students will be able to draw the timeline of the nativity of Jesus on their own and be able to map the journey of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus! Take your students to the next step today!

5 Weekly Lessons or 24 Daily Lessons

Format: 3-Hole punched and ready for your notebook. This teacher book contains the timeline, lesson notes, stick figure drawings, and review questions & answers. 68 pages.

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Be sure to order both the Teacher Book and Student Books for this study.

Sample Lesson

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Supply List

Items needed for this study:

Student Supply List: Bible, Student or Traceable Book, and colored pencils (8 primary colors).

Teacher Supply List: Bible, Teacher Book, dry erase board & markers (8 primary colors), and Bible dictionary.

Be sure to order both the Teacher and Student Books.