PreK-K Resurrection Studies Teacher

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PreK- Kindergarten

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Resurrection Bible Study for Preschool to Kindergarten

Do you find yourself puzzled at how to explain the death and resurrection of Jesus without confusing your children? You want them to learn more than just the fact that Jesus died and rose again? You’re not alone. Many events surrounded the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and we want to help you teach those as well.

We will begin by going back to Jerusalem to study the last day of Jesus’ earthly life. Beginning the Last Supper, your students will watch the events of the last night of Jesus’ earthly life unfold as they read and draw. With each following lesson, we go factually through the events leading to Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. However, we don’t stop there, we study who saw Jesus after He rose from the dead.

After discussing each section of Scripture you will ask your students questions to ensure they have retained the information in the lesson. Finally, a memory verse is given which is related to that lesson.

In this Bible study you will:

  • Listen in on the last meal Jesus had with His disciples
  • Watch as Jesus was tried by several men
  • Understand that Jesus died and was buried
  • Rejoice when He rose again!
  • Learn who saw Him after His resurrection

With this study you students will know more than the fact that Jesus rose from the dead, you will give them a framework to understand the events surrounding Jesus’ resurrection! You will find these lessons easy to teach and enjoy seeing the response as you study each passage. This is the perfect study to do in preparation for Easter!

11 Weekly Lessons or 22 Daily Lessons

Special learning focuses:

  • NAMES – Children are introduced to the major characters related to Jesus death, resurrection, and ascension.
  • CHRONOLOGY – Children learn the events surrounding the resurrection in their chronological order.

With this Resurrection Bible study, you will give your students what they need to recall the final events of Jesus’ earthly life! Get your Easter Bible study for kids today!

Format: 3-Hole punched and ready for your notebook. This student book contains the timeline, lesson pages, room to draw stick figures, and lesson review questions. 32 pages.

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Be sure to order both the Teacher Book and Student Books for this study.

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Supply List

Items needed for this study:

Traceable Student Supply List: Bible, Traceable StudentBook, and colored pencils (8 primary colors).

Be sure to order both the Teacher Book and Student Books for this study.