The Easter Story Scripture Writing Bible Study eBook


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The Easter Story: Experience the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Through Scripture Writing!

Searching for the true meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection, while finding the balance in the cultural celebrations can be overwhelming for Christians.  God’s Word is the only place to discover Jesus’ journey to the cross and the painful death He endured. Learn the Easter Story through the simple method of Scripture Writing.

Through reading and writing the scriptures you will:

  1. Learn the chronological overview of the major characters and events throughout this historical event.
  2. Discover God’s character in the scriptures.
  3. Apply the verses of the death and resurrection of Jesus to your life for growth.

Take a journey from the last supper to the cross and beyond! You will never read The Easter Story the same again! Chronologically unfold the death and resurrection of Jesus with a 40-day scripture writing challenge and take a fresh look at the Easter story through the lens of scripture.

Learn the Bible through Scripture Writing!

Scripture writing gives you the confidence to learn the Bible in a systematic and engaging way. Take a unique journey as you discover the true meaning of Easter with iWrite Bible.

Book contains a 40 day or 40 lesson scripture writing plan that is suitable for teens or adults.

Format: eBook PDF file. 163 pages.

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