The Feast of Lights Teacher

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Studies by Topic – The Maccabees

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The Feast of Lights

A Historical Study

Every generation faces their own unique challenges, but some challenges remain for each generation to face. Assimilation to the popular culture is one of those challenges each of us will face. Where can we look to find examples of those who overcame and faithfully followed the Lord?

Step back to the time between the last events of the Old Testament and the first events of the New Testament. About 400 years separate the testaments and this is often referred to as the 400 Silent Years. However, as you will see, God was not silent during this time but working actively among His people. Our study takes place around 160 BC, in the land of Judea. The stories of these brave men and women were commemorated in the holiday we know today as Chanukah or the Feast of Dedication or the Feast of Lights.

Using the extra-biblical book of 1 Maccabees, you will introduce your students to the family of Mattathias. A faithful Jewish family living two centuries before Jesus.

In this study you will:

Meet Mattathias and his sons

Learn about the efforts of the Greeks to convert the Jewish to Hellenism

Discover how this faithful family worked to unite those dedicated to God

See what they endured to remain faithful to God

Watch as they lead the army to reclaim the Temple mount

7 Weekly Lessons or 27 Daily Lessons

Format: 3-Hole punched and ready for your notebook. This traceable student book contains the timeline, lesson pages with traceable stick figure images, and lesson review questions. 48 pages.

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Every generation will be tempted to assimilate to the culture around them. This is one story that will encourage your students to be faithful and courageous in the times in which they live! There is no better time to start this study than now! Order today.

Note: 1 and 2 Maccabees are not part of the canon of the Protestant Bible, and thus we treat them as we do any other historical book.

Changing book titles from The Maccabees to The Feast of Lights so books and files may still have old titles and images on covers and in books.

Be sure to order both the Teacher Book and Student Books for this study.

Sample Lesson

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Supply List

Items needed for this study:

Student Supply List: Bible, Student or Traceable Book, and colored pencils (8 primary colors).

Teacher Supply List: Bible, Teacher Book, dry erase board & markers (8 primary colors), and Bible dictionary.

Be sure to order both the Teacher and Student Books.