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Open and Go Bible Curriculum for Churches

Bible Learning that Engages Students without Overwhelm Teachers

Biblical Education a Priority for Churches

Without an educational plan, your church is at at risk of:

  • Losing volunteers who become overwhelmed

  • Failing to keep families involved and active

  • Declining engagement and attendance

  • Failing to train the next generation of teachers

With a plan, your church will  create a fun learning environment where students are taught the Bible so they can love God and others. With Grapevine’s fact-based Bible curriculum, students are engaged and teachers are excited to teach!

Helping Busy Teachers educate, equip, and encourage their Students

  • Used by various denominations

  • Same Lesson on the Same Day at all Levels

  • Used by Churches Worldwide

  • Use in your church

    • Sunday School Class
    • Children’s Church
    • Wednesday Night Class
    • Mid-Week Bible Study

Your Plan to Make Life Long Disciples of Your Students

Grapevine Bible Study Journals and Overviews allow you to:

✅ Teach students using reading, drawing, discussion and reviews.

✅ Equip Parents to disciple their children at home with discussion prompts and ideas.

Provide Teachers with engaging classroom lessons and activities for all ages.

Lead your Sunday School or Bible Study with confidence and educate, equip, and empower your students to stand firm in their faith.