Sample Lessons

It is always nice to try a sample before purchasing. We invite you to try a sample lesson with your students. 

Each sample contains the teacher pages, student pages, and student traceable pages if applicable.

If you should need a recommendation, don’t hesitate to contact us or chat with us.

  • PreK-Kindergarten

    Ages 3 to 6 – Preschool to Kindergarten
    • Introduce your students to the major characters and events chronologically.
    • Traceable student option for younger students.
    • Memorize at least one fact and memory verse related to each lesson.
    • Not compatible with older levels.
    • Early Elementary

      Ages 6 to 9 – Grades 1 to 3
      • Introduce your students to the Bible timeline
      • Memorize the books of the Bible and other facts
      • Learn and draw the timeline.
      • Traceable student option for younger students.
      • Elementary

        Ages 9 to 12 – Grades 4 to 6
        • Build on the timeline events.
        • Learn basic Bible geography.
        • Discover where the books of the Bible fit on the timeline.
        • Middle School

          Ages 12-14 – Grades 7 to 8
          • Note books of the Bible on the timeline.
          • Learn basic Bible geography.
          • Practice using Bible study tools: Dictionary, Concordance, and Topical Bible.
          • Multi-Level

            Ages 6+ – Grades 1 to 8
            • Topical Studies
            • Draw the timeline for each person or event.
            • Learn basic Bible geography for that topic.
            • Study each character or event more in-depth.

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