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Bible Curriculum for Busy Families

Open and Go Bible Studies that Build your Family’s Faith

Building a Strong Biblical Foundation Requires a Plan.

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Without a plan your children are at risk of:

  • Knowing Bible stories but not being biblically literate.

  • Failing to establish the daily habit of Bible study and prayer.

  • Not having the scriptural basis for their beliefs and morals.

  • Leaving home unequipped to defend or share their faith.

With a plan you can build a resilient biblical framework for your children. Using Grapevine’s fact-based Bible curriculum and resources, will help you educate, equip, and empower your children to stand firm in their faith for a lifetime.

Affordable Bible Studies for Your Family

What Makes Grapevine Different?

  • Affordable: We understand the importance of budget-friendly options for families. Our curriculum is designed to make the most out of your investment.

  • Time-friendly: Time is precious, so our curriculum is crafted to fit easily into your families busy daily routine.

  • Engaging: Grapevine helps you to keep Bible study engaging without fluffy activities. Grapevine provides many age-appropriate activities to captivate and retain your child’s interest.

When You are Ready to Start!