PreK-K Resurrection Printed Books


PreK – Kindergarten

Teach young children about the death and resurrection of Jesus with ease using our interactive Bible study for preschool and kindergarten teachers.

Follow Jesus’ journey through the Last Supper, His trial, death, and resurrection, and learn who saw Him after He rose from the dead. Get your Resurrection Bible study today and watch your students thrive!

10 Weekly Lessons or 20 Daily Lessons

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You Need:

  • Teacher Book
  • Student Book or Student Traceable book for each student

Optional Products:

  • Resurrection Wall Timeline



The Resurrection of Jesus Bible Study for Preschool to Kindergarten

Attention preschool and kindergarten teachers! Are you struggling to teach your young students about the death and resurrection of Jesus in a way that’s easy for them to understand? Look no further! Our Resurrection Bible study is here to help.

We take your students back to Jerusalem to study the last day of Jesus’ earthly life, starting with the Last Supper. Through interactive reading and drawing activities, your students will follow the events leading up to Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, and even learn about who saw Him after He rose from the dead.

Each lesson is designed to help your students retain the information, with questions to reinforce their understanding and a related memory verse to memorize. By the end of the study, your students will have a comprehensive framework for understanding the events surrounding Jesus’ resurrection.

This Bible study is perfect for preparing your students for Easter, and you’ll find it easy and enjoyable to teach. Give your young learners a solid foundation in their faith with our product.

10 Weekly Lessons or 20 Daily Lessons

Get your young learners ready for Easter and help them understand the people and events around the death and resurrection of Jesus with stick figure Bible study. Order now and take advantage of our easy-to-use lessons, memory verses, and engaging activities!

Student and Teacher Books

The Student & Traceable Books contain lesson pages with ample room for drawing, review questions, and memory verses. The traceable version even has stick figure images to make learning more interactive. Each book is 32 pages long and 3-hole punched, ready to be added to your notebook.

The Teacher Book is your ultimate guide, containing lesson notes, stick figure drawings, memory verses, review questions with answers, and even more. This book is 40 pages long and also 3-hole punched, making it easy to organize in your notebook. Get your hands on these essential teaching resources today and watch your students thrive!

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Sample Lesson

Download Student Sample Lesson

Teacher Book

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Supply List

Items needed for this study:

Traceable Student Supply List: Bible, Traceable StudentBook, and colored pencils (8 primary colors).

Be sure to order both the Teacher Book and Student Books for this study.