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Book or eBooks: Which is Best for Me?

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

Books or eBooks, which is best for me? Grapevine Studies will help you decide which format is best for you and your children.

At Grapevine, we give you choices for how to buy our books, but sometimes that can be confusing. To help you decide which format is right for you. Let’s define the relevant terms and then look at the options you have to choose from.

Books: These books are printed in hard copy and will be either softbound or 3-hole punched loose-leaf pages ready for your binder. The format varies depending on the product.

  • Student Books: Our student books come 3-hole punched. It is easier for the students to draw with a flat sheet of paper rather than trying to draw over the hump of a bound book.
  • Teacher Books: Currently, our teacher books come in both formats, noted in the description, either softbound or 3-hole punched. In surveying our teachers, they prefer their books in softbound. We are in the process of transitioning all our teacher books into softbound, but until then, some are still in the 3-hole punched format.
  • Copyright: Grapevine physical books may not be legally copied or scanned. If you would like to make a legal copy of one of our books, please see the ebook options available.

eBooks: These books contain the same pages as the physical printed books but in a digital PDF format.

You can use ebooks to save money by printing your own books. Ebooks are also a great choice for those living outside the continental United States.

  • Teacher eBooks:
    • You are permitted to print a copy of the book for one teacher
    • Non-transferable
    • Reselling a book you have printed is not permitted
  • Student eBooks:
    • Family License: permission to print copies of the book for your immediate family members. Great for large families!
    • Small Class License: permission to print up to 10 copies of the book for your class.
    • Large Class License: permission to print up to 30 copies of the book  for your class.
  • All licenses are non-transferable
  • Reselling a book(s) you have printed is not permitted

When Will I Receive My Books or eBooks?

Books: Once our office receives your order, it will be processed within 1-2 business days, excluding holidays. We normally ship within 2-3 business days of receiving the order. You will be sent a USPS tracking number once your order ships, and it normally takes 7-10 days to arrive. We can expedite your order, but you will need to contact the office for Priority Shipping Rates.

eBooks: Once your order is completed, you will immediately receive a New Order email. Scroll down the order and you will see the name of the eBook underlined. The underlined part is the download link, so simply click on that and your eBook will begin to download.

Save the ebook(s) to a file on your device. The download link will expire in 30 days.

eBooks Apps You Might Need

PDF reader: Be sure to update your PDF reader (Adobe Reader) before downloading your ebooks.

Desktop/Laptop Reader: Adobe Reader

iPad: iBooks app in the Apple Store

Android Tablets: Adobe App Link

My Computer Crashed! What do I do about my eBooks?

Call us! We have a copy of your order and will make sure you get your download links.

Chat with us! Visit our website and let us know about your computer and we will get your new links sent to you.

Choosing your next study shouldn’t be stressful. So, if you have any further questions regarding books and ebooks, we would be happy to answer them!

Chat with Us:

Call us: 3075292019

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