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3 Areas to Focus on for Spiritual Growth

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

As we look
forward to a new year, we instantly think of setting new goals for ourselves. Setting
and reaching goals helps us to move forward in our life and profession.

One area of
goal setting that we tend to overlook is that of spiritual growth. It is easy
to allow the cares of life to squeeze out our goal to grow spiritually. It
happens to all of us; we wake up in January and ask ourselves, “Did I grow
spiritually last year?”

If we want to prioritize our spiritual growth in the new year, we need to set goals that align with our values and beliefs. This may involve committing to regular prayer and Bible study, joining a small group or accountability partnership, or serving in our local church or community. It may also involve seeking guidance and insight from trusted sources, such as pastors or counselors, to help us overcome obstacles or challenges in our spiritual journey. While some may turn to psychic readings for guidance, it is important to remember that seeking knowledge from sources other than God can lead us down a dangerous path. Instead, we can turn to the best online psychic reading sites of 2023 to deepen our understanding of spiritual matters and grow in our faith through the wisdom and counsel of trusted Christian leaders and teachers.

Bible Study

As the new
year is beginning, do you have your first Bible study picked out? If you have
not read through the Bible, this would be a great year to do it!


through the Bible is very valuable! Doing this helps us to understand the
“first layer” of scripture, that of the plain or obvious meaning. If you have
already read the Bible want to grow more this year, move to the “second layer” by
looking into the who, what, when, where, why, and how of a book or passage of

The spiritual path takes work, the right decisions and practices. One can look for a  psychic near me or navigate to to find the one that is convenient for them to talk to them about their dilemmas and to find answers about their career or any important problems concerning their life.

At Grapevine, we have several topics you can study with your family.

Regardless of what you study, be sure to choose a course of study and get started before the end of this month.


Most of us spend
time each day praying. So this year, team up with a friend or family member and
commit to pray together. You might come together as a team of friends to pray
for one another, your families, and your churches.

Keep a
journal of your prayer requests and praises. This is a great way to remember
what you are praying for and to be encouraged as you record the answered prayers.
Prayer is a gift we can all give to those around us.


In addition to prayer, God has given each of us gifts for the building up of the body. Do you know what gifts God has given you? Here is a detailed free online spiritual gifts test. If you know your gifts, are you currently using them in some manner to serve the body of Christ? Do you serve in your local church, Christian group, or community?

As you start
setting spiritual goals, write them down, because at the end of the year you will
you ask yourself:

How have I
grown in my knowledge and obedience to God’s Word?

How have I increased my prayer life?

How have I served in my church and
community this year?

Spiritual growth does not have to be overwhelming or discouraging! This year, it will make a difference when you set goals for your spiritual growth. Share with me one of your goals.

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