Bible Study

3 Tips for Teaching Timelines

| Dianna Wiebe |
Are you new to Grapevine, or just want some new ideas for teaching timelines to your students? These 3 tips for teaching the timeline wil…

3 Bible Study Ideas for Summer

| Dianna Wiebe |
3 Bible Study Ideas for Summer Looking for Bible study ideas for this summer? Growing spiritually during the summer months can be challen…

6 Summer Bible Studies for Kids

| Dianna Wiebe |
Looking for summer Bible study ideas for kids? Summer Bible studies can be easy and fun for both you and your children! This summer help …

3 Ways to Engage Older Kids in Bible Study

| Dianna Wiebe |
Looking for ways to engage older kids in Bible study? What three simple things can you do to help teens stay involved and growing their B…

5 Steps for Reaching Your Bible Study Goals

| Dianna Wiebe |
Goals can be easy to set, but hard to reach. One goal we have is to do a daily Bible study. However, it is easy to become discouraged, yo…

Best Homeschool Bible Curriculum for 2022

| Dianna Wiebe |
What is the best homeschool Bible curriculum for your family to review in 2022? Each year, we meet families who are looking for a Bible c…

Who was Herod the Great?

| Dianna Wiebe |
Who was Herod the Great? Herod the Great is most famous for his role in the Christmas story, but what is the rest of his story? Who were …

5 Things Your Christian Teens Need to Know About Their Faith

| Dianna Wiebe |
5 Things Christian Teens Need to Know About Their Faith It seems like just yesterday your teen was a toddler playing in the back yard. To…

How to Find Something in the Bible

| Dianna Wiebe |
Are you a new believer and need to learn how to find something in the Bible? You are not alone! No one is born knowing how to navigate th…

Bible Timelines

| Dianna Wiebe |
Why You want to Teach Bible Timelines You want your students to actively engage in Bible study and retain what they are learning. But it …

Why Drawing the Bible Helps Kids Retain the Stories

| Dianna Wiebe |
How Drawing the Bible Helps Kids Retain the Stories Would you be surprised to learn that simply drawing the Bible while learning the stor…

Learning the Bible on the Go

| Dianna Wiebe |
Bible study on the go Are you finding it hard to keep your kids learning the Bible on the go? Summers are busy! This is such a fun season…

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