Biblical Calendar

Bible Timeline Events in February 2023

| Dianna Wiebe |
Welcome to February 2023! This month we look at the biblical calendar to see what we can learn about the people and events to the Bible. …

Bible Timeline Events in January 2023

| Dianna Wiebe |
HAPPY 2023! Is one of your goals for 2023 to increase your Bible literacy? If so, grab your calendar because one element of Bible study i…

Bible Timeline Events in December 2022

| Dianna Wiebe |
As we enter the final month of 2022 many things are going through our minds from this past year. As we look at the events that took place…

Bible Timeline Events in November 2022

| Dianna Wiebe |
The month of November brings us many important biblical events on the calendar, from the death of Methuselah and the Flood subsiding afte…

What are the Holidays in the Bible?

| Dianna Wiebe |
What are the holidays in the Bible? How many holidays are there? When are they celebrated this year? When I think of holidays, all kinds …

Bible Timeline Events in October 2022

| Dianna Wiebe |
What biblical events took place in the month of October? This October the first biblical event is the dedication of the First Temple by S…

Dates for the New Testament Part 1

| Dianna Wiebe |
Are you teaching the New Testament Overview this year and want to add dates? But you don’t know where to get dates? Finding dates for bib…

Dates for the Old Testament Part 1

| Dianna Wiebe |
Dates for Old Testament Events – Part 1 Dates for Old Testament events can be hard to find but are worth the effort to find them. Have yo…

The Fall Feasts – 3 Things To Remember

| Dianna Wiebe |
The Fall Feasts – 3 Things To Remember I am a Christian, why should I care about the Old Testament fall feasts? What are the fall feasts …

Bible Timeline Events in September

| Dianna Wiebe |
Bible Timeline Events in September are many and some of the most important events of the year. September has many Bible timeline events i…

Bible Timeline Events for July 2022

The Bible timeline events for July brings us one of the most familiar stories of the Bible, the golden calf and Moses breaking the first …

Bible Timeline Events for June 2022

June brings some interesting events on the Bible timeline calendar, births, leprosy, and decrees! As we start the hot summer months, let’…

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