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4 Tips for Setting Your Bible Study Goals in 2020

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

Goals can be easy to set, but hard to meet. One goal many of us set each year is to spend more time in God’s Word. However, it is easy to become discouraged. You start the year reading your Bible daily, and then life happens!

Not only does this affect you; it also affects your family. You want your children to see you taking the time to study God’s Word and to set a good example for them. The desire of every believer is to grow in one’s faith. The problem is often where to start; how do we choose the right approach?

Here are four tips I have found to be helpful.

How To Start Small for Bible Study

How much time each day are you setting aside for Bible study? Start small, with 10 to 15 minutes each day, so that you can feel successful. You might also want to set a goal to read for 5 out of 7 days a week, counting church as one of your days of reading.

How to Pick a Bible Study Topic

What topic do you want to study first? What interests you now? Are you studying with a friend, or with a group that will pick a topic together? Is there something you have learned at church that you want to study further?

How to Choose a Bible Study Method

I’ve found that the most successful way to spend time in the Bible is to do something that is fun, engaging, and fits into my schedule.

For you, reading and jotting down notes may be all you desire to do.

Or, you might find that journaling is effective, and you want to use a Scripture Writing plan.

Or maybe you prefere to listen to the Bible as you drive or walk.

All of these can be successful for you this year!

Bible Study is Better with a Friend!

Study is always better with a friend or two. Friends help us to be accountable and inspire us when we feel like giving up. When looking forward and setting new goals, it is important to have a friend beside you!

This year as you look forward, take a few minutes to look back. What have you learned this last year? Where did you start your spiritual journey last January and where do you want to be next January?

Regardless of which method of study you use, this year can be the best time yet for spiritual growth!

As you review the four tips above, be sure to take a few minutes to write down your goals and share them with a friend or family member.

  1. I want to spend ________ (time) each _________ (day, week)
  2. My next topic of study is:
  3. I am using this method:
  4. My accountability partner is:

I would also love to hear about your goals, so post below any ideas you have for Bible study in these next few weeks! I am praying 2020 is a year of growth for you!

Deanna Cotten

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