Bible Timeline Events in December

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As we enter the final month of 2020 many things are going through our minds from this past year. As we look at the events that took place in the Bible during this month, we can be encouraged that God is still on the move. This is a dark time of the year but this month is also when light is the most common theme; the candles for Advent and the Feast of Lights are both lit during December.

Today, let’s look at the events that took place in the Bible and correspond to December.

December 3 – Kislev 17

Ezra Prayed: After arriving in Jerusalem with the second group of exiles from Babylon, Ezra was told about the intermarriages among the priests, the Levites, and the children of Israel. On Kislev 17, Ezra began fasting, praying, and confessing the sins of the people while bowing down in front of the Second Temple. Ezra 9:5.

December 6 – Kislev 20

Pagan Wives: After three days of fasting and praying, Ezra convened the men of Judah and Benjamin in Jerusalem. He exhorted those who had disobeyed God by marrying pagan women to begin to obey God by putting away those wives. Ezra 10:1-15

Advent – Second Sunday: On the second Sunday of Advent, the first purple candle is relit and another purple candle is lit. Studies revolve around the prophecies concerning the first coming of the Messiah, Jesus. Themes for the second week are prophecy, preparation, and peace.

December 11 – Kislev 25

Feast of Lights – Day 1: Chanukah (Feast of Dedication) is an eight-day celebration to remember God’s provision. After the Jewish Maccabees defeated the Syrian-Greeks, they rededicated the Temple that was defiled. However, there was only enough holy oil for one day to light the Lampstand in the Temple. By God’s provision, the one-day supply of oil lasted for eight days, giving the priest time to consecrate more oil. John 10:22

Cain and Abel: According to Jewish history, Kislev 25, 3720 BC, is the day that Cain killed his brother, Abel. This is the first murder recorded in scripture. Genesis 4:1-8

December 13 – Kislev 27

Advent – Third Sunday: On the third Sunday of Advent, the first two purple candles are relit and the pink candle is lit. Studies revolve around the coming of John the Baptist preparing the way for Jesus. Themes for the third week are angels, Mary, and joy.

December 16 – Tevet 1

New Moon/New Month: The month of Tevet begins today. Tevet is pronounced tey-VET.

Mountains: After months of seeing only water, the floodwaters decreased enough for Noah and his family to see mountain peaks. Genesis 8:5.

Esther at the Palace: In the tenth month, Esther was taken to the palace of the king to begin her year of beauty treatments before meeting the king. Esther 2:16.

December 18 – Tevet 3

Feast of Lights – Day 8: The last day of the eight-day celebration, known as the Feast of Dedication or the Feast of Lights, ends tonight. Tonight all nine candles are lit. John 10:22

December 20 – Tevet 5

Advent – Fourth Sunday: On the fourth Sunday of Advent, the first two purple candles and the pink candle are relit. The final purple candle is lit. Themes for the fourth week are shepherds, the wise men, and love.

December 24- Tevet 9

Christmas Eve – Advent: On Christmas Eve, the fifth and final candle is lit, commonly the white candle in the middle of the wreath. Themes for Christmas Eve include the birth of Jesus and the return of Jesus. Luke 2:6-7 and Revelation 1:7

Death of Ezra: On Tevet 9, 313 BC, Ezra died. He served as a priest, scribe, and teacher of the law. (Ezra 7:9-11) He led the second group of captives from Babylon to Jerusalem. In Babylon, he was the leader of the 120 elders known as the Great Assembly.

Death of the Apostle Peter: Traditionally, this is the date of the Apostle Peter’s death. Jesus warned Peter about the way he would die in John 21:18-19.

December 25 – Tevet 10

Christmas Day: Throughout the world, Christians celebrate the first coming of Jesus, the long awaited Messiah. As the first-century Jews anticipated Jesus’ first coming, we should anticipate His second coming! Galatians 4:4-6

Siege of Jerusalem Began: Scripture records Tevet 10 as the day King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon and his army came against Jerusalem and encamped around the city. This siege of Jerusalem would last several months, ending with the destruction of the First Temple and the people of Judah being taken captive to Babylon. 2 Kings 25:1

Now that you know the Bible timeline events in December of this year, you can mark them on your calendar! If you are want to know all the events in 2021 I recommend the new 2021 Bible events calendar.

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