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Bible Timeline Events in January

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

As we enter the new year let’s look to see what Bible timeline events took place in the Bible during this month on January. The new year is a great time to learn more about the Biblical calendar and what God has done in years past. When you mark these days on your calendar, be sure to look up the verses and pray that God would give you fresh insight into these events.

January 1 – Tevet 28

  • New Years Day:Today is the new year throughout the world. The biblical new year begins in the spring. The Jewish civil year begins in the fall.
  • Simeon: Jewish tradition recognizes this date as the birthday of Simeon, son of Jacob. Simeon was the second son born to Leah and Jacob. He lived to be 120 years old.   Genesis 29:33

January 2- Shevat 1

  • New Moon/New Month: The month of Shevat begins today at sunset. Shevat is pronounced shuh-VAT.

January 9 – Tevet 26

  • Baptism of Jesus: Christians traditionally commemorate the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist on this day. John baptized Jesus in the Jordan River. Matthew 3:13
January 17- Shevat 15
  • New Year of Trees: Each year trees are planted but it was hard to keep track of how old a tree was in order to fulfill the scriptural mandate in Leviticus. So, a date was set, and all trees planted by Shevat 15 were considered a year older on the next Shevat 15. Leviticus 19:23-25; 26:3-4.
January 22- Shevat 20
  • Birthday of Asher: Jewish tradition recognizes this date as the birthday of Asher, son of Jacob and Leah’s servant Zilpah. Asher was Jacob’s eighth son, born while he was living in Padan Aram. Genesis 35:26
January 25- Shevat 23
  • War with Benjamin: During the time of the judges, the men of Israel gathered and fought against the tribe of Benjamin because they would not turn over men of their tribe for judgment. The battle nearly destroyed the tribe of Benjamin. Judges 19:14-20:48
January 26- Shevat 24
  • War Horses Among the Myrtle Trees: On this day the prophet Zechariah saw a vision of horses among the myrtle trees. Zechariah 1:7-11

Now that you know the Bible timeline events in January of this year, you can mark them on your calendar! If you are want to know all the events in 2021 I recommend the new 2022 Bible events calendar.

As you look back, be sure to note the things God did this year and ask God to make 2022 a year that you draw closer to Him!

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