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Dates for the Old Testament Part 1

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

Dates for Old Testament Events – Part 1

Unlocking the timeline of Old Testament events can be both challenging and rewarding. Have you ever thought about the timing of biblical events and their corresponding years?

Dates within the Old Testament remain a complex and debated subject. While the Grapevine curriculum does not include them, the curiosity about dates remains. Today, I’ll share my personal Old Testament timeline, taken mainly from Bishop James Ussher’s Annals of World History. These dates can enhance our Old Testament Overview studies and enrich our Timelines.

Old Testament Part 1 Dates

  • Oct 22, 4004 BC – The creation week begins in the evening of the first day
  • October 27, 4004 BC  – Adam is created and later that same day Eve is created
  • November 1, 4004 BC – The Fall of Man, when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and were punished.
  • Adam die at the age of 930 years old and 126 years later, Noah was born
  • December 7, 2349 BC – Noah, his wife, his 3 sons and their wives, entered the Ark
  • December 14, 2349 BC – One week after entering the Ark, the Flood began
  • December 18, 2348 BC – Noah, his family, and the animals left the Ark, onto dry land
  • 2242 BC – God confused the languages at the Tower of Babel
  • 1996 BC – Abraham was born
    • 2 years after the death of Noah, Abraham was born
  • 1910 BC – Ishmael was born to Abraham and Hagar,=
    • Abraham was 87 years old
  • 1896 BC – Isaac was the child promised by God Abraham and Sarah
    • Abraham was 100 years old
    • Sarah was 90 years old
    • Isaac married Rebekah
    • Isaac lived to be 180 years old
  • 1871 BC – Abraham bound Isaac to the altar but God provided a ram as a sacrifice
    • Isaac was 25 years old at the time
  • 1860 BC – Sarah died at the age of 126 years old
  • 1836 BC – Jacob and Esau were born to Isaac and Rebekah
    • Isaac was 60 years old when the twins were born
    • Jacob lived to be 147 years old
  • 1821 BC Abraham died at age 175 years old and is buried next to Sarah
  • 1759 BC – Jacob marries Leah and Rebekah at age 77
  • 1758 BC – Reuben, son of Jacob and Leah was born
  • 1739 BC – Benjamin, the last son of Jacob, was born
    • Jacob lived to be 147 years old
  • 1689 BC – Jacob died at the age of 147 years old
  • 1635 BC – Joseph died and was initially buried in Egypt and was later buried at Shechem

Seeing the dates of events helps us to see the Bible in context of history not just stories. The Bible was about real people, who lived in real time, and left an impact on the world. We are told to learn from their lives. Today, as we go about our normal tasks, think about one person on this list, what is one thing we cal learn from their life? When our history is written, what will others record about us?

Recognizing these event dates offers us a broader view of the Bible—beyond mere stories, it’s a reflection of real lives lived in real time. The Bible’s characters were grounded in their times and left an enduring legacy. Their stories teach us lessons still relevant today. Amid our busy schedules, consider one individual from this timeline and apply a lesson you have learned from their life. Just as we learn from them, what will be said of us in the annals of time? History underscores the importance of valuing each day.

With these dates, we conclude the journey through Genesis and the Grapevine Old Testament Part 1. Join us soon for Part 2!

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