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Marriage Tips in the Bible

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

As we approach Valentine’s Day, let’s draw inspiration from the timeless wisdom found in the Bible. In this exploration of marriage tips in the Bible, we’ll uncover valuable insights from the marriage of Isaac and Rebekah. Amidst the challenges of their journey, their enduring love provides practical guidance for couples today.

Navigating Famine in Your Marriage: A Biblical Perspective

In Genesis 26:1-12, we find Isaac and Rebekah facing a period of famine in the Philistine city of Gerar. Beyond its physical implications, famines, in the Bible, often signifies spiritual struggles. Like Isaac and Rebekah, couples may encounter times of adversity due to family conflicts, health issues, or work-related stress. The biblical marriage tip here is to be mindful of these challenges and make intentional choices to strengthen the marital bond during difficult times.

Trusting Your Spouse: A Pillar of Strong Marriages

Isaac’s decision to portray Rebekah as his sister in Gerar raises questions, yet Rebekah’s trust in her husband remains unwavering. This Bible story teaches us the importance of trusting our spouses, even in moments of disagreement. While disagreements are inevitable, trusting your spouse, unless the situation goes against biblical principles, fosters a foundation of resilience and unity. Often couples look back and find that trust rewarded with a positive outcome.

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God’s Redemption in Challenges: A Lesson in Faith

Rebekah’s trust in Isaac, coupled with their faith in God, led to a positive turn of events. This biblical marriage tip highlights that even in the face of wrong decisions or challenging circumstances, faith and trust in God can bring about redemption and renewal in a marriage.

Sustaining Passion: Insights from a Century-Long Love Story

Isaac and Rebekah’s marriage endured for a remarkable 100 years. To maintain a passionate marriage, it’s essential to proactively address challenges. Watch for periods of “famine” in your relationship, trusting God for guidance. Additionally, make time for intentional connection and recreate the passion that marked the early days of your love. This biblical marriage tip encourages couples to prioritize their relationship amidst life’s stresses and demands.

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Unlocking Marriage Tips from Bible Stories

In these marriage tips from the Bible, the journey of Isaac and Rebekah gives us insights for couples today. Whether navigating challenges, building trust, finding redemption in adversity, or sustaining passion, their story offers timeless wisdom. As we seek to strengthen our marriages, let’s draw inspiration from biblical narratives, finding guidance from marriages that stood the test of time.

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