Women in Jesus’ Lineage: Part 2

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Imperfect Women Chosen By God – Part 2 

I hope you are looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day. Last post we looked at three of the five mothers in Jesus’ lineage, Tamar, Rahab, and Ruth. I love reading their stories; they remind me that God does not use perfect moms because there are none. Instead, He uses moms like you and me, imperfect but seeking each day to live for Him. Today we will look at the last two women mentioned in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus.  

Bathsheba  = Strength 

You can read the story of Bathsheba in 2 Samuel 11 and 12  

  • Became involved in an adulteress relationship
  • Experienced the loss of a husband
  • Lost a child
  • Raised three sons, one of whom became the next king of Israel

Being summoned by the king must have been scary, and I am sure ending up in bed with him was probably not on her agenda. Bathsheba then learned she was pregnant, and not by her husband. As awful as this was, it got worse. The king had her husband killed.

After facing this traumatic time in her life, she married David and lost the child she had with him shortly after birth. Can you even begin to wrap your head around so much trauma? Bathsheba experienced more pain than many of us can fathom, yet she remained strong.

Bathsheba went on to have three more sons, the most children of any of David’s wives. She was the mother of Solomon, who succeeded David on the throne.  

Bathsheba had a hard start to her marriage, but she did not let it stop her from raising up sons who loved the Lord. Although Solomon strayed later in life, in his early years as a king he was faithful to God. This shows me that he saw in his father and mother examples of how to love God.

As you look at your children, or grandchildren, how can you be strong for them? Are you giving them a faithful witness of how to love and serve God?  

Lesson from Bathsheba: We will face trials in life and we can either shrink back or rely upon the Lord to give us strength. 

Mary  = Bravery 

You can read the story of Mary in Matthew 1 and Luke 1-2 

  • Raised in a religious home
  • Grew up seeking to serve God
  • Was still labeled because Jesus was conceived before her marriage to Joseph
  • Mother of Messiah

Mary’s desire to serve God began as a young woman and that commitment remained strong even as she watched her son die on the cross.

Mary teaches me about bravery in the face of trials. Beginning with Gabriel speaking to her, she committed to being faithful to God when she knew it could cost her life. She showed bravery, again, by standing with Jesus while He died. I can’t imagine having to watch your son die!  

In Mary’s life, I see the bravery and faith I strive for. The kind of bravery and faith that does not shrink away when He calls me into the unknown but trusts in God’s heart and plan. Mary is well known for one who served God all of her life, as church history records.   

Lesson from Mary: Mary bravely obeyed God; He has a plan, and we can trust Him. 

It is Our Turn 

As we have looked at five very different women mentioned in Jesus’ genealogy, I hope you are encouraged as you find yourself in the midst of their lives. In each of these stories, we find that God gave each of them a glimpse into His plan.

If they had known the full eternal perspective, can you imagine how encouraged they would have been?! As women living in our day, we have a role to play in our generation too. It is through our stories that many more will see Jesus reflected in our lives, and come to know Him as their personal Savior as well.

It is now our turn to make an impact that will affect the generations to come.

Are you setting an example of a faithful witness of how to love and serve God? As we look at our children, or grandchildren, what are some ways we can be strong and brave in our day?

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