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7 Teaching Tips for Preschool to Kindergarten Kids

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

Teaching little ones can be fun but challenging. Today, let’s look at ten teaching tips for you to use as you teach preschool through kindergarten. At Grapevine we give our teachers 10 tips to keep your students interested and classes moving slowly!

7 Tips for Teaching Preschool to Kindergarten

1. Keep it Short

  • Keep teaching segments that are 10 to 20 minutes
  • Take breaks
  • Let kids move
  • Watch our student’s body language to know when to take a break

2. Remove Distractions

  • Have a place and time where neither you nor your students are distracted
  • Turn off notifications or silence our phones
  • Turn of radios, TV, and other screens

3. Keep Lesson Simple but Interesting

  • Choose something that is engaging and interesting for your kids
  • Select a study you will enjoy teaching – you set the tone for the class, so be excited about the materials
  • We learn more when we are having fun so keep classes fun and engaging

4. Include Hands-on Activities

  • Stick figure or draw the parts of the lesson
  • Act out the story
  • Use play dough or clay to make something from the story

5. Give Students Ownership

  • Sing songs related to your topic
  • Let students choose from different colors when possible
  • Have students help you pick the next lesson/study

6. Repeat, Retell, and Review

  • Repeat using different words as you teach
  • Retell – have students retell what they are learning
  • Review by showing the project they created to someone and tell them about the story

7. Pray

  • Our children, learn, understand and retain
  • Ourselves as we teach
  • Others who hear what our children are learning

8. Learn at their pace

  • Remove language like, “we are behind” and  “we need to catch up
  • Motivations is good, stressing them is not

Those are the top 8 at Grapevine, so what tips would you add to this list of tips for teaching preschool to kindergarten?



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