Bible Timeline Events in February 2020

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This month begins with the presentation of Jesus at the Temple and ends with the completion of the Second Temple.

February 2 – Shevat 7
Presentation of Jesus: In Christian tradition, this day commemorates Jesus being presented by Joseph and Mary at the Second Temple in Jerusalem. At this time Mary offered a sacrifice for her purification in accordance with Leviticus 12:1-8. While at the Temple, Simeon and Anna prophesied over Jesus. Luke 2:22-38.

February 10 – Shevat 15
New Year of Trees: Each year trees are planted but it was hard to keep track of how old a tree was in order to fulfill the scriptural mandate in Leviticus. So, a date was set, and all trees planted by Shevat 15 were considered a year older on the next Shevat 15. Leviticus 19:23-25; 26:3-4

February 15 – Shevat 20
Asher: Jewish tradition recognizes this date as the birthday of Asher, son of Jacob and Leah’s servant Zilpah. Asher was Jacob’s eighth son, born while he was living in Padan Aram.  Genesis 35:26

February 18 – Shevat 23
War with Benjamin: During the time of the judges, the men of Israel gathered and fought against the tribe of Benjamin because they would not turn over men of their tribe for judgment. The battle nearly destroyed the tribe of Benjamin. Judges 19:14-20:48

February 19 – Shevat 24
War Horses Among the Myrtle Trees: On this day the prophet Zechariah saw a vision of horses among the myrtle trees. Zechariah 1:7-11

February 23- Shevat 28
Half-Shekel: According to some Christian traditions, this is the day Jesus told Peter to catch a fish, take the coin from its mouth, and pay the Temple tax of half a shekel for each of them. Matthew 17:24-27

February 26 – Adar 1
Lent Begins: Today is known as Ash Wednesday in the Christian tradition and marks the beginning of a forty-day fast known as Lent. Lent is a time of fasting, repenting, and giving to those in need in preparation for the celebration of Easter. Lent has been observed in some form since the fourth century.

 New Moon/New Month: The month of Adar I begins today. Adar is pronounced ah-DAR.

Plague of darkness: According to Jewish history, this is the date the plague of darkness began in Egypt. The children of Israel living in Goshen were not affected by the plague of darkness. Exodus 10:2.

February 28 – Adar 3

Second Temple Completed: Under the leadership of Zerubbabel and Jeshua, the first group of captives returned to Jerusalem from captivity in Babylon. After many years and several delays, the Second Temple was completed and dedicated to God on this day.  Ezra 6:13-16

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